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About Us

We are two US Navy veterans with a good sense of humor that still remember the good ole' days of Navy camaraderie. One was a Navy Corpsman and the other an Electrician's Mate, complete opposite ends of the spectrum. The Corpsman was stationed in Great Lakes, Illinois where his sensitivity was minimized due to the influx of new recruits and trainees trying to get out of their duties. The Electrician was stationed on board the USS Guam (LPH-9 now decommissioned) and desensitized during 3 Mediterranean cruises with Marine Expeditionary Units to a few hot spots in the Middle East and Africa.

We respect all of the branches but there is and has always been a competitive nature and sibling rivalry between the services. We fully understand that and plan to use it in our apparel line. We're here now, and just like that mysterious rash you got while you were "training" in Thailand, we aren't going any where!